Лучшие веганские рестораны Марбельи

Лучшие веганские рестораны Марбельи

Every day we hear more and more about how going Vegan not only benefits our health, but benefits the planet. If you´re seriously reconsidering your relationship with food or just want to try out this big culinary trend, look no further for our top vegan hotspots…


This restaurant is particularly interesting as it combines both a combination of concepts for a healthier body and mind. Here you can take part in a relaxing yoga class or purchase some goodies from their health food store. Фармация is quirky and bright with a beautiful terrace which instantly transports you to a calmer state of mind. All the food is 100% homemade, free of additives and also suitable for celiacs which is an added bonus. Don´t visit without trying the delicious veggie burger!

Эко-любовь Рэйчел

Эко-любовь Рэйчел is a top Instagrammable spot for food as the colours and textures are a true visual delight. Located in the internationally renowned Puente Romano resort, experience a stylish and relaxing dining setting surrounded by tropical plants and sweet smelling flowers. You must order the ´dragon juice´ smoothie containing red pitahaya, avocado, banana, blueberries, coconut and chia seeds, it´s heavenly!


The place to be if you´re one for variety as the menu changes daily offering customers an exciting range in dishes. The waiting staff are super friendly and welcoming which really makes a difference in this busy establishment. Децентральis fnown for its fantastic coffee, this café is also a fabulous setting to pop in for a late afternoon kick of caffeine and a cake.

Ла Каса Дель Хумус

Who doesn´t like hummus? But that’s not all this fantastic establishment has to offer. Choose from an array of options such as rice dishes, falafel and tabbouleh. We particularly liked the lentil salad which was packed with flavour and perfect in the heat. At Ла Каса Дель Хумус (opens in a new tab)">Ла Каса Дель Хумус the staff were so friendly and helpful with their suggestions, it´s a definite Marbella go-to!


Creativity would be the word to describe this ´flexitarian´ restaurant. The menu explores flavours from all over the world so if you´re in the mood for spice, something smoky or a Thai twist, you´re in luck. Only local produce is used in their food, free of refined sugars, additives and chemicals. Of Манука (opens in a new tab)">Манукаboth the website and menu are extensive with lots of useful information to help inform diners of their ethos and ingredients. The Quinoa pancakes are great!

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